Newsletter Design

Solstice seltzer cans

While working closely with Envelopes.com’s marketing team and the Art Director, I have designed a variety of different emails. Envelopes.com's customer base widely varies from B to B and B to C and the company has found success with a fun and quirky marketing style. Many emails feature bright colors, engaging animation, and humorous copy. I leveraged my skills as an illustrator and motion designer to create email content that was unique. I was also able to utilize my knowledge of HTML to create custom blocks in Listrak's editor. The email examples below have averaged a 8.20% Ecommerce Conversion Rate and a .3% CTR.

Other responsibilities include setting up emails in Listrak as well as segmenting audiences, scheduling messages, creating subject lines, and recording the performance of each send.

Tools Utilized: Listrak, Photoshop, AfterEffects, HTML, Illustrator

Wedding Shop is Open Email

logo sketches

Wedding Invitation Email

logo sketches

Valentines Day Flash Sale Campaign Email


Evergreen Reorder Tax Envelopes Email